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Hi all youz out there on the internets! I'm ya Nonna (Charlene) DeLizzio aka

Aunt Mary Pat's Mutha!

Enjoy sum of my famly photos:

I even figurd out how to upload 

some of the famly videos, too!

I'm a "hip" Nonna! 

Mar' Buggin' me when I'm tryna get ready fer Easter 
See me in Mar's scury movie! The gud part (aka me) is around the 6:45 mark! 
Check out my own verzion of
12 Days of Xmas!
Mar' Buggin' me while tryin
ta relax down na shor 
Listen to me b**ch 'bout the Holideez
Even more b**chin' 'bout the Holideez
The video that started it all! Enjoy the inspiration behind Charlene DeLizzio
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